Modeling and prototyping

Neo's core business is between design and the final marketing of the garment. We take care of the model making, the prototyping and the industrialization of the article to be created. Our production teams then take care of the supply of raw materials and manufacturing, following through with customs formalities up to the sending to your warehouses.

Modeling is a crucial step in the manufacturing of a garment, it requires skills and a particular product experience.


This is the beginning of the industrial phase. The idea, the sketch of the stylist is digitized, the measurements and the technical characteristics are formalized.

Prototyping then makes it possible to verify the assembly and technical feasibility of clothing on industrial machines.

Quality control

The prototypes are worn internally by our teams in order to check the ease with which one can wear the article as well as its volume. Once the prototype is validated, rehearsals are launched on the production line to validate their industrial feasibility.